ORU Still A Contender!

ORU is, in my opinion, a fantastic system to Pay and be Paid online for today's Affiliate Marketers. Why do I say that well although you may have to pay a subscription of just $5.95 per month you can get that back just using the program.

We get paid using their built-in Social Platform, On the ORU social we get paid to like, share, post, comment and chat we get paid. Now the great thing about that is their Membership is made up of thousands and thousands of Marketers so you're doing business with those who are in the Affiliate Marketing Industry.

We get paid when we send an email through ORU email with other ORU members.  We get paid when sending out an invite email to other people who are not members of ORU using the ORU invite email system. We get paid to post our business opportunity under My Market Activity. We get paid when we use coupons with our phone when we go to the store using ORY Savins Center coupons (USA) and save on the thing we plan on buying. We get paid (in the USA) when we use ORU Health Rx saving on prescription drugs. All ORU members can go to ORU Partners (a third party training platform on how to use ORU made by ORU members) it's free, just go to https://orupartners.com/resources and join for free and learn how ORU works and how we get paid. Here is the latest overview of ORU https://youtu.be/d8A-RX5DVuU

Unlike every other method once you've paid your Subs there are no fees. So if I send you your commissions using ORU I don't pay fees and neither do you pay a fee for receiving them, now that refreshing ain't it?

OK, you may be thinking too your selves, that's ok but if I make money and I want to draw it out I am stuck because ORU is doing away with their Debit card! Well, that's true BUT they have added cash withdrawal methods that do have Cards like the ones below...

So why not give ORU a try and see what you think. Like I said earlier you can log in to your Members Area at Buildabizonline and join in Step 3.

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Ian Stewart