What Happens If My Subscription Fails or is Blocked By Stripe

We make every effort to work alongside our Customers and never want to see your account downgraded or Terminated altogether. However there have been instances where some members have abused our good nature and have purposely tried to extend their Monthly membership beyond 30 Days, and keep delaying payment, this is not fair on those who diligently pay their monthly fee on time. 

Also, Stripe may Block your Subscription payment due to their security measures the rules below cover this problem too.

If either your Subscription fails or is Blocked by Stripe...
Stripe lets you know by mail your Subscription is due in 3 days' time giving you time to fund the Card you use. LET US KNOW IF YOU IF YOU CANT MEET THAT DUE DATE.

If you ignore their Email and do not fund your card and the Payment Fails you will receive a mail from Buildabizonline stating your Buildabizonline and Auto-responder account has been set to Free.

What does this mean to You...
It will prevent you from accessing your Pro Tools And Auto-responder account. 

If no payment is made within 3 days your account will be deleted and you will lose all your work...
Your Tracked Links.
Your 10 Banner Splash page.
Your Pro Plus Bonus Auto-responder.

This may seem drastic and we hate doing it, BUT this has stopped those who abused our program and are preventing their sponsor from earning the commissions they work so hard for.

Also to run any Service or Program like ours, there is a need for Cashflow, if that is not met we will stand to lose the service we have all been striving to keep afloat since 2007.

Any questions please contact Admin